Wednesday, 16 June 2010

NOTD: Sleek Lilac (and comparison with MAC's Love & Friendship)

I was excited by the prospect of the new limited edition Sleek nail colours - all cremes, all brights, all lovely-looking shades. Having just bought Models Own Slate Green I passed on the turquoise but bought the Lilac shade - I was curious as to whether this would be a dupe for MAC's Love and Friendship from Rose Romance last year, which was also limited edition, and which is one of my favourite pastel shades. It's as close to baby pink as I'll get!

Now, I wouldn't say it's a dupe because it lacks a bit of the depth and warmth of L&F, a bit of the complexity which keeps it grown up. It's brighter and less dusty (I love me a dusty polish!) But it's still very nice colour-wise:

MAC Love & Friendship:

Application-wise, it's streaky and gloopy and a bit difficult. It's also weird in that it doesn't chip as such, but kinda rubs away. I've got little holes and see-through bits in the centre of my nails. I left it at one coat as I thought I'd change up a couple of days later and didn't have the drying time. It's okay with one, but would've looked better with two coats.


  1. Personally I think the sleek lilac looks much nicer :)

  2. i agree with lillian, the sleek shade look lovely x

  3. Very pretty, the sleek is very like a GOSH one that i have x

  4. i love that color. <3 purple. :)