Monday, 12 April 2010

Recent Acquisitions

There's a feeble library/museum pun for you.

 A few buys for me of late.

These shoes, which make me think of one of my favourite bloggers, Passion for Fashion, as well as, obviousement, Dorothy, and my friend Elys who had a pair of red glitter heels that made me chartreuse with envy. These were discovered lingering in the Office sale online by my sister, in my size only, for £5. I adore them.

This dress, from Primark, £11:

close up of print, slightly washed out (blogger always does this to my pics!):

and my remarkably restrained haul of MAC Art Supplies:


  1. OMG. The shooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeees!

    Love the dress too, and you are at least partially responsible for my Art Supplies accidents!

  2. those shoes knock spots off the ones i've got (which were only flats). Yours are amazing! And how satisfying to get them for so little.

    Lovely dress too

    E xx