Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Ups and Downs

I'll post a foodie post tomorrow featuring the dinner I made at the weekend, but right now my life is rather polarised. Here's why...


Conference funding

Which means I'll be going to Turin for a week in late August. My expenses will be covered and Bartimaeus is going to come with! There are some panels I'll have to attend but it'll be part-work part-holiday, in a place I wouldn't usually be able to afford to go to! Academic conferences should always be held in beautiful holiday locations (take note, Postcolonial Studies Association, who held theirs by an industrial park in a less than idyllic part of Ireland...)

The Brits

Had an exhausting day yesterday and have had another one today involving my 5 hour Kent commute and 2 meetings, so am very much looking forward to watching this later, reading my bumper fashion issue of Grazia and marking

Pancake Day

with Findus Crispy Pancakes! (Except they're made by Green Isle now). I usually make proper pancakes but tonight I'll be way too shattered so we're taking a trip down memory lane instead!

Pearl Encrusted Bow Earrings

I bought them from Miss Selfridge and love them! I can't really do the pastels and nudes that are in season, but these are perfect to sweeten my outfits (because they're, um, so tough and edgy otherwise). They're very flattering too.


I am taking my my mum to watch the Shah Rukh Khan blockbuster My Name Is Khan tomorrow. Shah Rukh + Kajol = best Bollywood couple ever, so stay posted for a review!


It's getting light so much earlier in the mornings and I no longer have to force my eyes open! My energy levels are increasing noticeably with it. Looking forward to seeing daffodils soon.



Failed my umpteenth test last week and really getting fed up of the whole thing. Plus it's leaving me completely brassic this month. I'm a good driver in my lessons but get so so nervous under test conditions, and Rescue Remedy's not helping. I seem to be

Three Years

it shall be, next Monday, since my dad passed away. They say it gets easier with time, but in some ways it also makes it more painful when marking anniversaries, because of all the things they've not been there to share.

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  1. What conference are you going to? Seems exciting :)
    The Pearl earring sounds super cute! Put up some pics of you wearing them!
    I want to watch that movie too! Let me know what you think!
    And I am really sorry about your loss, I lost someone very close recently and some days I forget that she is gone and think of calling her and talking her ... painful when you realize the truth.

  2. Woweeee Turin is going to be super amazing babe! I've heard 'My name is Khan' is really good (EVEN if it is YET another terrorism movie...). Re your driving, that must be so disappointing. You just have to act really confident even if you feel like jelly. And maybe go to an easier test centre!! Some of them are definitely harder than others.

    So sorry about your dad's anniversary :( He would have been so proud of you and all the things you have achieved. Big huggie! xxx

  3. I forgot all about Findus crispy pancakes - blast from the past! I hope you enjoyed them.

    Sorry to hear about your driving test, stick at it though it will be worth it x

    The doll on fashion