Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Particuliere Woes (or, NOTD)

Despite having been fixated on Chanel's Particuliere since before it had a name, and was simply the nail polish I saw on Lily Allen's talons in a picture from the Chanel SS10 shows, I failed to get myself a bottle.

I've been telling myself it looks better on lighter skins, that on me the brown tone wouldn't look as good. I'm only half convinced.

So, to console myself I've worn the closest thing I have to it, which isn't that close, but is my favourite nail polish: OPI Parlez Vous OPI. It's a lovely smoked lavender and so flattering on my skintone. And I'm now contemplating You Don't Know Jacques, Over the Taupe and Lenny Deighton's Supermodel as Particuliere alternatives.


  1. Though its is not my general favorite color, smokey lavender/purple,violet are my favorites when it comes to nail polishes. It looks lovely on you! Being brown/olive myself I avoid corals and bring pink, though they are super tempting in the spring and summer!
    Nice NOTD!

  2. It looks so pretty on you! I like that it is more lavender than brown. I wish they would let us wear nail varnish at the hospitals. I feel like I am really missing out :(

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