Friday, 5 February 2010


Polyvore is a strange web phenomenon - a place where people virtually collage away, mostly in terms of fashion or interior design. It's a very busy, creative community, based on nothing but the desire to copy, paste and put stuff together.

I love it because one of my favourite things to do it put my clothes together in new and different ways, and try out unpredictable combinations. Polyvore is a much tidier way for me to do this! I find I've been using it to "test" out things that have caught my eye - putting the item with different colours and accessories to see if it is versatile. You can't really do that in a changing room, so I believe it's helping with the shopping curb too!

Anyway, this smock dress really caught my eye in New Look but I looked terrible in it, so I virtually "wore" it instead in the way I envisioned. And it seems my preoccupation with Edwardian fashion continues, as the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this dress with its petticoats was "The Railway Children."

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