Friday, 4 November 2011

The Rabbit is Back! (and Fireworks NOTD)

I don't know how to apologise for the ridiculously long hiatus! I moved house, and have finally become a full-time employee by getting another 50% part-time research post. Juggling the two and commuting between the new house has taken up a lot of time, and in my spare time I've been nesting like a mofo. (Cos that's what mofos do, isn't it? Nest?)

Anyway, thank you all for sticking with me. Part of my new plan of action to make my life truly fulfilling is not to feel guilty about blogging (all that time I could be writing academic stuff) but to commit to it as something I really enjoy and which I hope some of you might enjoy reading.

As part of this, I think I'll be doing more book reviews and thoughtful posts as well as keeping up the outfit and face of the days - and I'm going to be introducing you all to a small part of my jewellery collection in a non-very-elegantly alliterative series titled Charm Tuesdays. I've also added to my dress collection (a particularly Rabbit OOTD coming up shortly!)

So to start things off with a BANG!, this is a manicure that's been in my head ever since I purchased the now legendary Revlon Facets of Fuchsia. The little bright glitter pieces glinting in the dark jelly base made me think of pink fireworks in the sky, and got me thinking about a "sandwich" manicure with a multicoloured glitter. Along came the OPI Muppets Collection a couple of weeks ago, and I've finally got a decent substitute for the much-lemmed Deborah Lippmann polish, Happy Birthday, at almost half its price. I cannot wait to do some layered manicures showing Rainbow Connection in all its glory (I'm thinking over bright purple Illamasqua Jo'mina and over OPI Jade is the New Black) but I couldn't wait to try this combination out. Please excuse the poor photos, as my Panasonic Lumix has given up the ghost and is having focusing issues, and I've had to revert to my old 5MP Ixus. Most phones have more pixels! But it'll have to do for now...

So what we have here is a base coat of Nail Envy Matte, followed by one layer of Facets of Fuchsia, then one layer of Rainbow Connection, and another of Facets of Fuchsia. I love the way the bright sequins of Rainbow Connection are somewhat muted and only ping out at you at certain angles.

If you're going to see fireworks this weekend - have fun!


  1. Glad to see you back! I picked up Facets of Fuchsia yesterday but didn't buy it, that was obviously a mistake because it looks fantastic here!

  2. Welcome back Naz! Beautiful nails x

  3. Sparkles!!! Those are so pretty.

    Welcome back :D I shall await book reviews with much interest...

  4. Lauren - get thee back to the shop and purchase! it's one of the most interesting high street polishes I've come across.

    Victoria - thank you. The Boy thinks they're monstrous :D

    Emma - very happy to be back too! thought they might appeal to you!

    Monkey - I think you should start a-reviewing too! x

  5. Lovely to see you back, and that polish combination is absolutely amazing! :D

  6. Welcome back Naz my lovely, from a fellow nesting mofo! ;) I wish I bought this when it was on promo for 4quid in Superdrug. Not usually a fan of dark purple polishes but this one is so pretty xx