Friday, 18 November 2011

Missguided About Sizing

I don't often rant on this blog, but I've had a disappointing shopping experience featuring a well-known online brand that's been doing the rounds of blogs and I thought I should raise this just in case some of my curvier readers were considering a purchase.

So Missguided (see what I did with the title there?) has been featuring in lots of blogs for its cute little skater dresses. But alas, despite their PR tweeting me that most dresses come in sizes "6-14," alas, "little" appears to be the word when it comes to their dresses. I bought this style (though maybe I should have not opted for a style only available in 2 sizes, never a good sign for a curvy blogger).

I ordered this dress in a M/L which according to their sizing chart is apparently a 12-14. But as a 14 in every high street store, I would say this dress is 10-12 at most.

Here it is next to a Topshop size 14 skater dress:

And here it is on me (sorry for the terrible picture, my camera battery died after this shot and my sister has my charger...)

As you can see it is SO tiny that it is an indecent length on 5ft nothing me. (Bartimaeus said it looked like a tutu. It's only marginally longer than one).

I suppose it's Missguided's choice to market their dresses to slim girls, though it's a shame because skater dresses look nice on curvy girls. And because a 14 is the UK average now, and it's surely not unreasonable to expect dresses to come in size 14 and 16 (at the very least) across the board.

But either way, this dress doesn't even conform with what I would consider a size 12-14. And my experience with this dress has been further soured by the fact that they don't do free returns, and it will cost me £3.10 to return a dress that is unhelpfully labelled and sized.

I know lots of bloggers love Missguided, but I won't be ordering again for fear of other dresses being equally as tiny. And I'll be signing up to Retro Chick's Campaign for Clearer Sizing. It would've saved me £3.10 in this case, a trip to the Post Office, and the less-than-pleasant feelings we all get when we try a dress we like but that's far too small.


  1. I've got to say I agree with you 100% its daft I buy the majority of clothes online and its so annoying that there is no standardised sizing and also boooo to missguided for not doing free returns !

  2. Its disappointing when some places do not stock sizes bigger than 14, but when a M/L is supposed to equate to 12/14 and doesn't that isn't fair.
    Lots of the boutique lines in the likes of Topshop and New Look are the same. I just don't buy them, makes me feel sad when I'm a 12-14 and can not fit a Large.

  3. I really think sizing needs to be looked at especially when it comes to online retailers! I've had similar issues with some brands on ASOS and also Boohoo. It's such a shame because it means I tend to stick to shops such as Dorothy Perkins or Next because I know their sizing is consistent, and I imagine many other size 12s upwards do the same! I'd love to be able to order from places like Missguided but this is not the first complaint I've heard about their sizing so it does put me off! Also, no free returns? That's dreadful!