Monday, 11 January 2010

Yearning for summer

I'm not a winter person. For a brief two-week period I enjoy the novelty of wrapping up warm, of layering, of wearing dark colours instead of brights. But at this point in the year, when I've forgotten what it's like to be warmed by the sun, when I wake to darkness that doesn't seem to lighten some days, and my colour palette consists of only the darkest shades, summer can't come fast enough.

Add the current snow situation and I'm closing my eyes and clicking my plum snowboots to take me there.

And when I see pieces like this H&M dress, I covet covetously, and daydream of flip flops, sunglasses and long golden summer days.

In the mean time, if I manage to get my hands on it, it'll be layered with long sleeved tees, cashmere cardigans, and my UGGS.... not quite the same!

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh it's pretty! Is it in the shops already? I am a summer girl myself. I try to re-create the warm weather in my room through constant use of my fan heater haha.