Sunday, 13 September 2009

Tagged: Ten Random Things

This has been doing the rounds in various forms - I've previously written a 25 Random Things as a Facebook note, but have decided to try to come up with ten new ones (I'm a pretty random kinda gal so it's not that difficult!)

I was fast-tracked as an emergency orthodontic case and had braces for 7 years.

Despite being very talkative in person, I don't like chatting on the phone to people outside my inner circle. I get disconcerted by the lack of eye-contact.

I only wear creme nail polishes.

I'm obsessed with my teeth and clean them at least three times a day, but never in front of anyone apart from my sister. Watching people brush their teeth on tv makes me feel sick.

I am fuelled by tea and can sputter out visibly without it. But I don't drink coffee.

At the age of 30, I'm finally learning to drive.

Long, quiet train journeys and baths are where I do my best thinking.

I started dyeing my hair this year - both my parents went grey early, and I decided It Was Time.

My PhD is in English Literature but all the texts I studied for it were in Bengali.

Even though I'm less than 5 foot 1, I'm happiest and most me in flats.

So there you go. I think most people have already completed one version of this - so I tag anyone who hasn't done it yet!


  1. I love random facts,hope the driving is going ok, i really need to learn. x

  2. I'm impressed you can read Bengali to that standard, I can barely read Urdu newspapers lol. You look much younger than 30 btw! Hope the driving is going well. I passed my test this year, don't know how because I am a RUBBISH driver. xxx