Saturday, 5 September 2009

Peacocky Outfit

I don't usually do "outfit of the day" posts, mainly because my mirror's rubbish (as you can see), and because my outfits are fairly repetitive at work, but I was pleased with my outfit yesterday, as I think it perfectly encapsulated my vision for the coming season: feathers, jewel colours, and metallics. I'm continually intrigued and mesmerised by iridescence in nature: peacock feathers, petrol on water, beetle wings. I'm going to post a longer entry on it as a theme, but this was my take on it yesterday. The dress is Holly Willoughby at Littlewoods (I tend to shy away from "celebrity" fashion lines, particularly the more tenuous ones, but I couldn't resist the deep plum colour, my favourite shade of all).

My makeup, featuring MAC Delft paint point with touches of shimmery pistachio Shu Uemura P Green 450 in the corners to make it "iridescent", and my recently acquired Accessorize hairband:


  1. Gorgeous! <3 Is the hairband an alice band or an elastic-type affair? I've recently got into the idea of using the elasticated hairbands to accessorise my hijab (see here: and a peacock feather one would look amazing with teal or purple!

  2. Oh, I love it all! And the hairband is really lovely, I must investigate this myself.

  3. Aww thanks girls!

    Louiza: the hairband is an Alice band affair - though I don't see why you still couldn't wear it over a black hijab? Alternatively, I'm sure it'd be quite easy to make one - and King's Fabrics in town may well sell peacock feathers to try?

    g_k: You must get one!

  4. I love the hairband and I heart the make up delft is one of my faves x Oh and thanks for the comments on my last blog post I really appreciate xxxx

  5. You look gorgeous. I love the alice band. Thanks for the info on Mac makeovers too x