Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Maps... they don't love you like I love you

Ah, the song lyric blog title cliche!* But it's true, both Bartimaeus and I love maps. They are fascinating representations of the world - but they also structure how we think about space and others. We have both used The Peters Projection and this, our favourite West Wing scene, in our teaching in order to get students thinking about how maps have always played a role in global power relations. Did you know how tiny Britain actually is in comparison to the African continent?

So when I saw this scarf on ASOS I couldn't but love it immediately! I already have a spinning globe pendant that's one of my favourite charm necklaces, but an actual map on a scarf? Amazing.

Warehouse at ASOS, £22

Then I had a google and came across these beautiful, but much more expensive chiffon map scarves. Though I think that limiting the designs to Europes, the States and Britain is somewhat parochial - especially given the rise of the Asian designer consumer!

Faliero Sarti, £222

Actually, these map scarves from Korea are my favourites of the bunch I think - I love the range of colours and the generous size. 

Ebay, £11.41

Ebay, £11.41

*Actually I was rather disappointed to find out that this song isn't really meant as a tribute to all things cartographical but as a somewhat needy plea to Karen O's musician lover of the time who was leaving for a tour. Whatever. It's about maps to me.


  1. Ooooo. Those are really lovely, I might try to acquire one of those Korean ones (it would be rude not to really)...

    I like maps, and the Boy loves them (I bought him an OS map centred on our house for Christmas one year); we have a giant one on the wall of our dining room, and people are always fascinated by it!

  2. how weird! I went to a new boutique shop opening last week and they had these amazing atlas print scarves... but they were way out of my budget, so I immediately googled them and ebay cameup trumps! I ordered one just like the ones you linked to from ebay!
    great minds eh!