Friday, 16 November 2012

Rabbit Recipes: Lunch Ideas

Not so much a collection of recipes, but some of the most popular lunches in the Rabbit-Bartimaeus household. I always love reading about people's lunch ideas because if you get in a rut, packed lunches can be so boring and miserable! A lot of these are self-evident, but if you would like a recipe for any of these, do say in the comments and I will happily oblige.

We both work from home a fair bit so some of these lunches aren't as portable as some. I find having a huge range of (mostly spicy) condiments really useful when I'm making lunches with 7 minutes notice. Things I wouldn't be without:

sweet chilli sauce/chilli jam - great with cheese, but also spicy noodles
aubergine pickle - a delightful Gujarati chutney you can pick up in Asian supermarkets, it's sweet and spicy and is great in sandwiches
mango chutney
mustards - I have wholegrain and Dijon always at hand
salad dressings -in an ideal world, we'd always make our own, but I like to have a couple of variants in the fridge to add flavour to salads
nuts - great to add protein and nutrients to salads, noodles and to have as a snack (I love cashews)
chilli mayonnaise - I hate normal mayonnaise but chilli flavoured versions are very useful - makes for a brilliant, perky tuna melt!

So here are some Rabbit lunches:

- Indian spiced noodles with frozen vegetables and prawns/chicken breast, topped with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce and a heap of peanuts and cashews

- Ciabatta rolls with breaded camembert and sweet chilli sauce, red onion and lettuce

- Indian spiced scrambled eggs on frozen potato and spinach stuffed paratha

- Non-pork "ploughmans" with smoked salmon/sliced turkey, cheeses, a boiled egg, foccaccia, avocado and carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes (Rabbit favourite)

- Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toasted croissants (lovely brunch too)

- Couscous with chickpea masala and feta cheese, pine nuts and rocket

- Chilli tuna mayonnaise and cheese melts

- Spiked minestrone (just tinned soup with some chilli flakes warmed up in it) with cheese on toast

- Mexican egg tortilla wraps - a fried egg, topped with salsa and greek yoghurt, with cheese, salad and coriander, wrapped in a garlic tortilla

What did you have for lunch today?

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  1. I love reading about other people's menus too:) I have to say those Indian spiced noodles sound amazing!