Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year NOTD: Galactic Bathroom Tiles

Happy New Year!!!

My mum recently got her bathrooms redone, finally changing the original 1960s avocado suites (practically antique now) to something a bit more modern. We were on a tight budget and I was quite grumpily difficult when it came to decorative elements, opting for basic and minimalist over anything that might age badly or cost too much. However, one day my mum went out and bought a whole lot of tiny tiles for a border. And they were sparkly, like a little bathroom galaxy. They were way out of our budget costing more than all the floor tiles, and I did grumble at the time about the price, but I bloody love them now. They're a perfect reflection of my mum's love of all things sparkly and bejewelled (which I've inherited of course) and they make me smile every time I'm at the house because they're just so her.

So my New Year's NOTD took inspiration from the tiles and from the recent "galaxy nails" trend. I used one of my favourite winter OPIs, Siberian Nights as the base - it's a wonderful inky deep purple, much cooler toned than Lincoln In the Park After Dark, but definitely purple-black and not navy. I then added some stars with the Topshop nail art pen in Silver (I'm loving these) and a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust on top, finishing with a coat of a new topcoat I purchased on Aysh's recommendation, No 7 Stay Perfect Top Coat. (I'll review this soon, but it's pretty good!)