Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Geek Until I Die

That I shall be.

I was ridiculously pleased by this interview with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, being a diehard X-Phile who went to see the first film four times in a row, and who joined the Leicester Square Odeon audience of X Philes in clapping at the end of the second one (there was a disproportionate number of pairs of glasses, long leather coats and black clothing at that, funnily enough - and I felt right at home!) I'm currently working through the series from start (on series 5 at the moment, my favourite) simply so that I can re-watch the two films in proper sequence. But the interview, they just seem like such good friends, and that warms the cockles of an X-Phile no end (because said X Phile still refuses to acknowlege the distinction between the characters and actors). As does their enthusiasm for a third film! (please, please, please!)

You may mock, but it really was a formative TV event for me during my teens (and erm, beyond). The postmodern-lite (well, I now recognise it was lite) vision of Chris Carter captivated a pretentious Heart of Darkness-reading teen Rabbit. Anyway, its impact is evident in a TV and film legacy that was spawned of smart, philosophically-minded, epic science fiction/fantasy/crime crossovers. (There'd certainly have been no Lost without The X Files). And not to mention one of the best Simpsons spoofs ever.
I'm a massive Whedonite too, (and have just finished watching all seven series of Buffy again) but that's rather painful to be right now, with a Big Bad of epic proportions looming for the Buffyverse. (It's like another language. Great, isn't it?)

What TV series were you obsessed with as a teen?


  1. none:-) I was always into books and given a choice between TV and books, always choose books..

  2. Sadly I'm not a fellow x-phile and my Mum loved Buffy, the years of being forced to watch it turned me very much agin it!

    I remember loving Heartbreak High as a teen, along with My So Called Life. My true loves though were things like This Life and Queer As Folk which I watched in secret, no way was my Mum going to let me watch those!! Ah, the joys of having a 14" Matsui in your room as a teen!

  3. I loved the X Files and still watch it everyday at 6pm on Channel One hehe. I was only young when it first came out so I haven't seen 90% of the eps and it's a good way to catch up. However I LOVE Buffy so much. Best show ever!

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  6. I loved Twin Peaks. In fact, I've got the boxset in my Amazon wishlist and who knows, it might end up in my possession over Christmas...