Friday, 26 November 2010

Tomorrow I will mostly be wearing...


Isn't it hideous? And kinda wonderful.

I hope to add a little Rabbit factor with a fishtail black skirt and mary jane heels.

And also this, a graduation gift from my lovely sister.

(In silver. And yes, it clashes with the blue and the red, but I don't care.)


  1. aw hope you have a wonderful day you deserve it x

  2. It is indeed quite hideous :) but also fabulous because of what it represents!

    Wear with much pride, Dr Rabbit! I'm so pleased for you, I'll be thinking of you as I wrestle with packing tape and boxes.

  3. Ohhh Naz congratulations!! I'm sure you'll be super-busy celebrating with your family and everything, but if you have a few spare mins, I'll be in town during the day and would love to come give you a congratulatory hug! Drop me a text if you have time :) x

  4. Ohhh have a fantastic day xxx