Friday, 6 November 2009

HMmmm & S

So I seem to have acquired £35 of M&S vouchers (courtesy of my lovely mum giving them to me!) And I cannot seem to decide for the life of me what to spend them on! There are actually several lovely things in M&S I have spied - which I am now umming and ahhing between.

First and foremost, these shoes, £29.50:

I have come very latel to the "toughened" shoe trend (and actually, these really are quite tame in comparison to some out there) but I spied these in my local M&S the other day and I love them. I have some other Limited Collection heels that are staples now for me because they're the comfiest heels I own, and having tried these on today, they're just the same, super-supportive with a squishy platform sole. I don't usually like black shoes, but these are broken up with the bronze sections and I can see them being quite versatile. My only reservation is that I have a pile of heels I hardly ever wear - can I justify adding these to it?

Secondly, this dress:

A girl can never have too many black dresses, and I like the stud detailing on this one. And it has pockets!

But then, there's this dress:
Okay, it's kinda yawn-ville. But since seeing lots of pics of the Victoria Beckham dresses (sshh) with the zips that go all the way down the back, I am really hankering after one. (Particularly if it can be slightly unzipped as per the VB dresses.). And the shape of this is perfect for me. My reservation with this one: pink lining (eughh) and perhaps too long for munchkin-me.

Finally, this oversized pure cashmere scarf, which would have 50% taken off its price, but in black (my staple winter coat is purple!):

I adore cashmere in the winter - for warmth and softness, there's no beating it. I'd love a huge wrap I could bury myself in on my Kent commute. However, from M&S's helpful reviews, I'm not sure this is The One, given some have mentioned that it is very thin. I want a scarf-blanket!

Sooo - which should I go for, do you think?


  1. The scarf! The scarf! And then I can get a dress... But seriously - the scarf!

  2. Oh mai! What choices.....


    1. Love these, and I think they are a very you take on the tough shoe trend.

    2. Really like this too; if it was me, I'd be buying this, I think. Love the shape and the pockets.

    3. I do think this one might be a tiny bit long for you, but hard to tell until you try it on. It would be my second choice, just 'cos of the zip! :)

    4. I'm a cashmere junkie also, but I think I might have fondled this in store, and vaguely remember that it is indeed quite thin...

  3. I can't decide between the second dress or the purple cashmere scarf... decision, decisions!x

  4. I would go for the first dress, its lovely. I'm not that keen on the shoes. I love the scarf but you need to see how thick it is!!