Monday, 12 October 2009


So here I am, playing the proper commuter and mobile-blogging on my Blackberry on my 2 hour commute home from university. (When I assumed thar Canterbury couldn't be too far from Surrey because it was a Home County, I was a tad mistaken). So I thought I'd try to make good use of the time.

I haven't done a simple Good/Bads type post this month and it is one that works without pictures so here goes:


Chilli Paneer
Bartimaeus introduced me to this at Wembley's legendary Sakoni's a few months ago and I ate it again this weekend when we went to the Diwali festivities. It is one of tastiest things ever and I could easily get as addicted to it as Chinese roast duck and Bengali dried fish curries!

Winter coat
Today's the first day I've worn my purple empire line Comptoir de Cotonniers coat and I still love it so much. It reminds me of my trip to Paris and Berlin last year where I saw so many girls wearing it, I felt I was part of some secret club of chic.

New phone
My purple Blackberry 8520! I've had a hideous phone for 2 years and it is such a relief to finally be rid. I'd have loved to get an iPhone as a lover all things Mac but the BB is better for work.

X Factor Live Shows
Although I don't think the quality's as good as last year (I mean, just HOW good was Alex last night!) I still enjoyed the show on Saturday and it is only going to improve.

My friend, who's the closest thing to an elder sister I have, got engaged on Friday! And two of my Oxford friends also took themselves off to a registry office and got married. I'm just so happy for all of them!


Predictive text
QWERTY keyboards are a revelation!

Train journeys
Yup, getting sick of them already. And expensive! So glad I only have to do them a couple of times a week.

Disappearing winter accessories
The reason I can't bring myself to buy cashmere gloves. I lose my hats, scarves and gloves every year! I always vow to put them in a labelled box at the start of spring but it never happens...

Neglecting friends
I've been so busy getting to grips with my new job and the commute that I've not seen or spoken to any of my friends for ages. But I"m determined to change that this week!

I'm carting my books to work in my old trusty Eastpak and I look like a fresher! But there's no stylish lightweight alternative I can find that won't involve back or shoulder pain. All suggestions welcome!
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  1. I hear you about the marriage, 2 of my friends have just got engaged and I think my level of happiness & excitement is only usually normal for the engaged couples themselves! But other people being in love makes me happy :D

  2. I want to blog from my phone! I've got a Nokia E71, which I love but it won't even let me sign into Blogger... boo.

    I am getting a work Blackberry next week so maybe that will do the trick!